Kyle and Leo Featured in Forbes Magazine

"Since its foundation, the heavy music scene has consistently fallen short in delivering high quality and long lasting merchandise apparel. In fact, it’s safe to assume that most fans of heavy music can share similar anecdotes of disappointment, specifically with buying a band t-shirt only to discover its boxy and uncomfortable fit, not mention its colorless design. While this routinely common scenario is still prevalent throughout today’s scene, the marketing and design behind band merchandise is beginning to change considerably.

Much of this change can be found in the Canadian streetwear brand, Shibori Threads. Founded by Kyle Anderson and Leo Valeri, who are also members of the newly popularized extreme metal outfit Brand of Sacrifice, the duo started Shibori Threads with the intention of producing highly personalized and long lasting florescent band apparel. In keeping with the norm of other high-end streetwear brands, Shibori Threads has primarily focused on outputting limited apparel drops. However, the major difference between Shibori and other boutique brands is Shibori Threads is rooted in heavy music culture — the brand started and continues to operate in a collaborative manner with some of "

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